Add edit delete rows dynamically using jquery and php

Add edit delete rows dynamically using jquery and php

In my previous similar tutorial Ajax table adding removing rows dynamically using javascript animation i demonstrated how to add and delete records dynamically to the table using jquery which became one of the famous post and got many clicks and around 6000+ downloads, that sounds excellent response.I received many complains from user that they are … [Read more...]

Php poll script

Php poll script

    Are you looking for the simple and fancy PHP poll script ? I have been thinking to make php poll script from long time, It was in top 10 list of my todo. So here i am presenting simple and light weight php ajax based poll script, you can integrate it in to your page with minimum setup. I have tried to minimize index page as … [Read more...]

Drag and drop multiple file upload with progress bar

drag and drop file upload woth progress bar

In a previous post i demonstrated how to make Ajax file upload HTML5 drag and drop file upload progress bar which is fine if you are uploading single file, but i found that users are more interested in uploading multiple files at a time. So in this script we will have a look at how to create script which will upload multiple files with progress bar … [Read more...]

Facebook like live search using jquery

Facebook like live search using jquery

    This is simple and most useful script inspired by facebook friends live search script. Live search script can definitely help you create a interactive user experience. I have already posted few tutorials about creating better UI experience. Live search using jquery script can be integrated easily on any page where you are … [Read more...]

Ajax contact form with twitter bootstrap


Twitters bootstrap is a toolkit for crating rich, interactive, responsive and cross device compatible UI designing. You just have to include required javascripts and css file and twitter bootstrap will be in action. For advanced UI you must follow guidelines provided by them, You can read detailed documentation of twitter bootstrap … [Read more...]

Using childbrowser plugin with android phonegap

Using childbrowser plugin with android phonegap

Recently i got task to make a mobile app which will run on iphone and android. Basically i am not a mobile app developer so the only choice i had was PhoneGap and jquery mobile. I had app ready so my task was to wrap that in a phonegap wrapper to run it in ios and android os, after googleing i found that there is something named ChildBrowser I … [Read more...]

quickTip jquery tooltip plugin

quicktip jquery tooltip plugin

    After reading the post title you must be thinking there are already lot of jquery tooltip plugins out there, then why one more ? well, i wanted to see what it takes to create tooltip plugin. Still if you ask about feature there is only one feature about this plugin, its "simplicity". As i said its easy to configure this … [Read more...]

Image to text converter

image to text conversion

This is simple script to convert image to text. User will upload image, set few options and then this image to text converter will print image using characters provided by the user. while googling i found a website where this same image to text converter was implemented, got some free time and made it. wide range of php GD library functions make it … [Read more...]

Fancy header navigation menu using css3 transition


In our previous tutorials we have had look at different features of css3 and html5 like creating css3 flowers using gradient effect, Introduction to HTML5 web storage, Ajax file upload with drag and drop and progress bar. In this tutorial we will look at the new css3 feature css3 transition. css3 transition is in experiment (draft) phase so while … [Read more...]

Todo app for iphone ipad using jquery mobile and web storage

jquery mobile todo iphone ipad app

    I recently added article about web storage and demonstrated how to use local storage and session storage. So i thought to go further and create a application based on html5 web storage so that me and you all can better understand how web storage works and how it can be coded.      So here we are … [Read more...]