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Creating shapes triangle circle ribbon bubble with css

    This tut will be focusing on creating different shaped made with css only and no images. This sounds funny but we can create many shapes by just using css. You can see this feature on facebook.com, google.com, tooltoop plugins and many other websites, its mostly used in bubble and tooltip. Its always good to use css instead of images that helps fasten the page load speed. Shapes like triangle and ribbon shapes can prove to be a good alternatives for images. Lets take a look at different examples. If you have anything to add to this list please share.

Left Triangle

Right Triangle


Top Triangle


Bottom Triangle

Quarter Shape with CSS


Circle Shape with CSS


Half Circle Shape with CSS


Pokemon Shape with CSS


Ribbon Effect with CSS


Heart Shape Effect with CSS

This feature is only supported in Firefox, It will not work in other browsers like Chrome, Safari and Opera

View Demo


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