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My Mystique Theme Modifications

Mystique is one of the top most free theme used for wordpress. It is bundled with many inbuilt features but still people like me are looking for Mystique Theme Modifications to suit there needs.

So here i am listing few Mystique Theme Modifications i made to this theme.
lets take a look at all of them one by one. I am listing only those changes that i have implemented in my blog, any changes can be made to it. If you are looking for any modifications then post a comment and i will try to solve your problem.

1) Mystique theme navigation menu mousehover effect

Add below javascript lines to header.php file in
Admin -> Appearance -> Editor and select header.php from right panel. and add below javascript.

But before that make sure that jquery.js in included and you are adding this code after than.

This will add on mouse-hover background change effect to Mystique theme navigation menu.



2) Change post tags style on Mystique theme index page

3) Mystique theme change text selection color

By default text selection color used by browsers is #0A246A (Navy)
we can change this by adding some CSS hacks.

4) Next and prev post name link

5) Add Facebook Like button to top navigarion bar

One of the user (Johan Svensson) of this blog asked me about this and i really found his modification useful so i have implemented this on this blog and also want to share this modification with you.

Go to Admin Panel -> Appearance -> Advanced
and scroll down to “User functions” section and put below code

6) Mystique wordpress theme language translation

You can translate Mystique theme to spanish or any other language. Tale a look at below urls.
Mystique theme for WordPress in Spanish – Geektual
Translating a WordPress theme « Digital Nature


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