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Edi-Table – Add edit delete rows dynamically using jquery and php

Continuing my previous free post Add edit delete rows dynamically using jquery and php, I am announcing paid version of same script Edi-Table – Add edit delete rows dynamically using jquery and php with many configurable options. It takes only 5 minutes to configure the script and make it work.

Visit http://www.editable.amitpatil.me to know more

Edi-Table Features

It takes just 5 minutes

Yes, it just takes 5 minutes to configure the script. Set column names, update json config fine and you are ready to go!

Single JSON file controls everything

You can have full control over script with just one json config file. You can control below features with json file.

  • Primary key column name
  • Enable/disable input row at the end of the table
  • Enable/disable column value insert
  • Enable/disable column value edit
  • Input element types for a table columns
  • Tabe input element attributes (Element can have as many as attributes you want)
  • Option values for dropdown, radio and checkboxes
All the html input element are supported

You can use all available html input elements like input box, textarea, select dropdown, radio button, checkboxes etc

Inbuilt form validation

Edi-Table – Add edit delete rows dynamically using jquery and php Script comes with most famous and flexible inbuilt validation jquery validation plugin. You can have full control over validation. You can even define your own validation rules. You can read more about it here.

Edi-Table supports possibly all plugins (which applies to input elements)

You can attach almost any plugin to input elements, Its because you can attack class, id to input elements to which you have bound plugin.

In the demo videos i have integrated jquery ui calendar plugin and autosuggest plugin as well.

Mouse and keyboard support

You can use keyboard to control script actions like pressing ESC key will cancel current operation and pressing Ctr+s will save/update record. Similarly double clicking on a record will enable edit mode.

Colors and Themes

Colors doesnt suit with your website ? No problem, Just edit css file and make it look like part of your website.

What if i still wish to have more features of my own ?

Possibilities are endless, Code is separated in different files so you can go through it and understand how it works and make as many as changes you want.

I am curious show me more !


  • Hi Amit I used your php script for dynamic addition of rows but I am suffering from a problem that is it asks Mysqli class not found. I have tried my level best even installing mysqli extention on my vps hosting centos 6.4 but it shows the same problem again.

    Please provide me with an alternative of mysqli so that my Life becomes easy.
    I am in deep trouble help me
    thank you
    Anuj Kumar

    • Anuj, I am not sure but I guess problem is php version, you must be using latest php version, latest php version doesn’t support mysql. That’s why i think you are getting that error. You have to convert mysql queries to mysqli.

  • hi , a download your add-edit-delete-rows-dynamically-using-jquery 1 script that was great in demo….. !!!
    but i have problem
    when i load you script it doesn’t show mysql record
    second when i refresh page , all record will disappear…….

  • Dear Amit,

    Thank you for this wonderful work. I tried to upload your codes via this link: http://www.amitpatil.me/add-edit-delete-rows-dynamically-using-jquery-php/
    and I edit them depending to my database and table, and everything works fine, but when the table become heavy, the interface display nothing, it doesn’t shows any error message.
    And when I delete or reduce data in the table it display again.
    My question is this: HOw is can edit codes or what can I add so that it can display data in a table containing up t 5000 records?

    Thank you

  • hi, amit

    i was downloded your script inline edit functions , its worked correctly but when i put another dropdown in same form in script, it not worked how to i solve this problem please give me a idea for me.

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