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Facebook Style Add Friends Script

I really appreciate facebook guys for making such a excellent UI.Whenever i see any new feature in facebook i get amazed “How did they made it?”.One day i saw a script for adding multiple recipients to messages and this script grabbed my attention like other scripts on facebook.In first look this script seem critical and innovative to me (may be because i was new to web development that time) but later on after long time i found that it was nothing but sight Cheating.i decided to make exact same script and I MADE IT.

I have made this with jquery,

Live DemoDownload


Implimentation Step By Step

  • 1) Include javascript and stylesheet
  • 2) Creating wireframe
    add below text to your page
    id=”fb_holder” can be anything you want. you can replace “fb_holder” with any other string.
  • 3) Attach wireframe to javascript (initialisation)
    Assign whatever element names you have used in wireframe to the javascript variables.
    ajaxFilePath will hold path of file that will return matched list.if your file is in folder ajax then ajaxFilePath = “ajax/ajax_server.php”
  • 4) Database Installation
    a) In the same directory you should find files named facebook.sql and config.php.
    b) Import facebook.sql to Mysql.
    b) Open config.php file and make neccessary changes in it.
  • 5) Other Settings
    Make sure that ajax_server.php file resides in same directory where index.php file is,but if you want to change its location then you need to make change in configuration variable named ajaxFilePath enter full path of ajax_server.php file.
  • 6) And you are ready to go…!

Comments and suggestions are always welcome, your suggestions will help make this script more useful.so if you have suggestion do contact me at www.amitpatil.me/contact or follow me on twitter


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